Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Motherfish #26- Fuck Finals So Hard

I’ve made a decision! I’m going to stop making promises because every time I do, I fuck up something and let you all down. This is my way of saying I still didn’t finish the review of The Great Misdirect and I have another playlist this week. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, so go do something fun!


1. The Heretic- The Sounds of Animals Fighting
2. Hermann Loves Pauline- Super Furry Animals
3. Imaginary Places- Busdriver
4. You Call Me Baby- 3
5. Sleepyhead- Passion Pit
6. Imitosis- Andrew Bird
7. Let It Go- The Reign of Kindo
8. Take Ecstasy With Me- !!!
9. When the Levee Breaks- A Perfect Circle
10- A Mouth Full of Hollow Threats- RX Bandits
11. God Send Conspirator- Coheed & Cambria
12. Apocalypso- Mew
13. B + T- Battles
14. Remember Me- British Sea Power
15. Sukie in the Graveyard- Belle & Sebastian


This one is a little bit more eclectic than the Thanksgiving playlist, but it's definitely groovy. Enjoy, and don't fuck up your finals.

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  1. hey idiotjerk- if youre going to post playlists, why not make the playlist on Grooveshark and post a link?